The Quest for Caches #1 Off to a good start 

   The first geocache we did was Dinkel’s secret passage. This cache was in a “sercret passage” thet was very peaceful with no muggles. When going down the passage the ivy started squishing us in when I saw a little  path leading two feet off the trail. I thought mabie he cache is there so I looked and there was there cache. This was my first and favorite geocache.

   The second geocache we did was called Into the Booknook. Sadly we dident find this cache. But we found a nice little park. So we continued are quest for caches.

  The most muggled up cache was love 31- Tenis Courts. In the description it sead thet there where not meny muggles but there was a small tenis camp going on. Since we dident know what to do we looked around the place we found the cache dut we had to wate a bit for the muggles to move away so we had a snack once the muggles moved away that was rather quick i went for the cache.This cache was the hardest becouse all the muggles yet the do asiest to find.

    The last cache we did the battery was running low on the phone was called The Horse Ate the Cache. This one was an easyer one. It was in the meatle horse staue. There wernt meny muggles around so it was an easy find. 


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